Wild Child was born because of the enormous failure rate of the vast majority of small to medium-size businesses. It simply doesn’t have to happen. It shouldn’t be happening. Wild Child exists to make sure it stops happening. We work with individuals and companies that value their brand and want to lead with a professional appearance and leave a lasting impression.


Workshop Classes


To participate in workshops, you can either become a member of our Monthly Training Program.
or for non-members, purchase individual workshops for $149/each.
Join Monthly Workshop Membership

For Non-Members to participate in a Workshop, please create an account on our site and then select the class you want to purchase from the Event Calendar.

Business Accelerator

We help you create the mindset to take your business to unlimited heights. Get on the Fast Track to Mogul Mode!

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The Forum

The Forum is where we Disrupt Normal: it is a safe place to present your business and get advice from Successful Industry Leaders.

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Re-Creation Series

Our Re-Creation Series moves fast and impacts businesses right where it counts. This series offers a complete business re-creation.

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Identity Reinvention

7 SECONDS…MAKE EACH ONE COUNT! Are you someone to approach or to avoid? What does your appearance say?

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We sincerely care about making a difference by helping with sustainable development and empowering business owners.

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Motivational Speaking

Wild Child Group is available for motivational speaking engagements. Get your team motivated! View our topics!

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