Intake Excellence course

Intake Excellence Course

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As you now know, “saber rattling” is like a war cry. As odd as it may seem, this does pertain to the business world. Your saber rattle is what you are telling the world about yourselves to have them join your cause, or choose you and your buinsess.

This war cry is you declaring your status. It is your proclaimations of service and product. Your saber rattle, is what you use to get people’s attention to show off who you are. Getting your name out there is half of the battle. The best saber rattles, are the ones that are actually backed up by actions. For example, if you are telling the world that out of all the repair shops you are the number one in the county, state, country, etc. you need to back it up with your actions.

  • Are you fast?
  • How is your customer service?
  • Were your clients happy?
  • Were you able to do the job that was asked of you?

All of these parts work into your brand. Your rattle, gets you started, but your brand is what sustains you. And it’s not because you say you are the best; it depends on your customers. They are the ones who will join your forces. They are where you will get your referrals. You will make a name for yourself, good or bad, depending if you live up to your word or not.